XMega_E5 Breakout v1.0.1

by nsayer.

2 layer board of 1.40x0.70 inches (35.59x17.78 mm).
Shared on July 19th, 2017 14:01.

The ATXMega chips are not available as through-hole devices. The ATXMega32E5 is a high powered substitute for the ATMega328P made famous by Arduino. This breakout board brings out all pins except port R (but instead adds footprints for a 1206 crystal) and the analog Vcc and ground (hooked together with bypass caps to digital Vcc and ground). In addition to breaking out the two PDI pins, a standard 2x3 PDI programming interface footprint is on the board.

Note that this is not a 5 volt tolerant chip.

This version adds some pin markings on the top side, where they aren’t in the way.

  • C1 & C2 - 0.1µF 0805
  • C3 & C4 - 15 pF 0805
  • R1 - 10 kΩ 0805
  • X1 - 32.768 kHz 1206
  • And, of course, IC1 is an ATXMegannE5

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