LM3886 amp

by martinlk2.

2 layer board of 2.26x1.21 inches (57.40x30.73 mm).
Shared on November 27th, 2015 22:20.

LM3886 amplifier module

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Tube Screamer TS-808 clone

by AudioG.

2 layer board of 2.05x1.53 inches (52.02x38.74 mm).
Shared on November 27th, 2015 21:37.

Guitar Effect Pedal

Part List:

+9V Battery Clip
C1 .027uF
C2 1uF
C3 .047uF
C4 51pF
C5 .22uF tantalum

C6 .22uF tantalum

C7 1uF
C8 .1uF
C9 10uF
C10 100uF
C11 47uF
D1 1N914
D2 1N914
D4 1N4004
GAIN 500K-A (audio taper)
IC1 JRC4558D
LEVEL 100K-B (linear)
Q1 2N5088/2N3904
Q2 2N5088/2N3904
R1 1K
R2 510K
R3 10K
R4 10K
R5 4K7
R6 51K
R7 1K
R8 10K
R9 220R
R10 1K
R11 1K
R12 510K
R13 10K
R14 100R
R15 10K
R16 10K
R17 10K
R18 1M
R19 4.7k
TONE 25K-B (reverse audio)

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Flasher! Lightning Detector ~ Tested

by brainwave.

2 layer board of 1.00x2.00 inches (25.43x50.80 mm).
Shared on November 27th, 2015 17:54.


Test board for Lightning Detector: schematic


  1. ANT1 ANTENNA 24" Wire Antenna
  2. C1 10pF CAPACITOR 575-1C10C0G100J050B
  3. C2 0.1uF CAPACITOR 594-K104K15X7RF5TH5
  4. C3 1000pF CAPACITOR 594-K102J15C0GF5TH5
  5. C4 10uF POL CAP 667-ECE-A1VKS100
  6. C5 100uF POL CAP American symbol
  7. D1,D2 1N4148 DIODE
  8. JP1 Battery 2x"AA" 12BH321A-GR
  9. L1 10mH Inductor 963-CAL45TB103K 10,000uH
  10. LED1 WHITE LED3MM 941-C535AWJNCU0V0231
  12. Q2,Q4 2N3904 NPN TRANSISTOR
  13. Q3 2N3906 PNP Transistor
  14. R1,R2 330k 594-5073NW330K0J
  15. R3 5.1k 4DCT52R5101F
  16. R4 100k ¼ W
  17. R5 27k 4DCT52R2702
  18. R6 3.3k 4CT52R332J
  19. R7,R8 1k ¼ W
  20. R9 100
  21. R10 100k 6.35MM ¼" SINGLE-TURN SEALED 82PR100KLF

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Duex X V1.0

by Kurzschlussblog.de.

2 layer board of 1.31x3.58 inches (33.27x90.96 mm).
Shared on November 27th, 2015 13:07.

working version for an Ormerod

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Video receiver for Boscam RX5808

by Frank_Red.

2 layer board of 1.05x2.15 inches (26.67x54.64 mm).
Shared on November 26th, 2015 19:04.

fpv bacpack receiver

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