PT8211 Audio Shield

by PaulStoffregen.

2 layer board of 1.10x0.70 inches (27.97x17.83 mm).
Shared on April 5th, 2017 17:27.

PT8211 Audio Shield

PT8211 is an inexpensive 16 bit stereo DAC.

This small breakout board connects the PT8211 to Teensy 3.2, Teensy 3.5 or Teensy 3.6.

Detailed soldering steps are shown on the PJRC product page, where this PCB is sold as part of a DIY soldering kit. Of course, you can also get the bare PCB here on OSH Park if you like.

Here is the assembly with the PT8211 on a purple OSH Park Edition Teensy 3.2.

Bill Of Materials

1   PT8211 chip                Ebay merchants
1   Audio connector, 3.5mm     CP1-3525N-ND
1   10 ohm resistor            10EBK-ND
3   47 uF capacitor            493-15997-ND
1   0.1 uF capacitor           BC1084CT-ND

Almost any 5mm diameter aluminum electrolytic capacitor with 2mm lead spacing can work. While 47uF is recommended, you can see in the photos I built the first prototype using only 10uF (because they were in my spare parts drawer). Either works fine.

The PT8211 chip is very inexpensive, sold by many shady Ebay merchants from Hong Kong at very low prices. There doesn’t seem to be any sure way to buy this part, but just searching for “PT8211” on Ebay brings up many sellers.

Software Support

PT8211 is supported by the Teensy Audio Library.

You can simply drag the PT8211 onto the Design Tool canvas and connect it into your audio system, and of course click “Export” to generate the Arduino code.

It’s also possible to edit any of the audio library examples, which are designed for the Teensy Audio Shield. With Teensy selected in Tools > Boards, just click Arduino’s File > Examples > Audio menu to find dozens of examples. To convert these, just find AudioOutputI2S in the code and change it to AudioOutputPT8211.

Also delete any AudioControlSGTL5000 objects and code using them. The PT8211 is a very simple chip without any configurable parameters. You just send it digital audio and it turns the data into analog signals. Simple!

PT8211 Signals

PT2811 Datasheet

Signal     Teensy Pin     PT8211 Pin
------     ----------     ----------
 BCK            9              1
 DIN           22              3
 WS            23              2
 +3.3V       3.3V              5
 GND          GND              4

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