Sturdy Pot Adaptor for Breadboards

by PaulStoffregen.

2 layer board of 0.45x0.80 inches (11.46x20.35 mm).
Shared on August 15th, 2015 00:47.

Ever built a quick demo on a breadboard that needed a pot to adjust some parameter? As soon as someone tries to turn it, things come loose. That is, if they even try… little trim pots aren’t very inviting to touch & turn.

More details about this PCB are available at this blog article.

This pot adaptor board lets you use real full size (6mm shaft) pots on breadboards. With 10 header pins, the pot mounts securely to the breadboard, even when people turn the knob!


The pot in these photos is Digikey # PTV09A-4020U-B103-ND.

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