S/PDIF Optical Audio Output for Teensy 3.1

by PaulStoffregen.

2 layer board of 0.55x0.70 inches (14.02x17.86 mm).
Shared on May 21st, 2015 11:16.

S/PDIF optical output for Teensy 3.1.

Parts Required:

  Everlight PLT133/T6A connector, Digikey 1080-1434-ND
  Capacitor, 0.1 uF, 0805 size, Digikey 1276-1003-1-ND

The Teensy Audio library now officially supports S/PDIF output. WAV File Player Example (in Arduino: File > Examples > Audio > WavFilePlayer) has been updated to show how to use it.

The S/PDIF output object is now available in the Audio System Design Tool, so you can easily create arbitrarily complex audio projects with digital S/PDIF output.

Special thanks to Frank Boesing for developing the S/PDIF encoding code!

Ongoing development conversation here:

The S/PDIF signal is output on pin 22. An inexpensive connector (Digikey 1080-1434-ND), or simply a red LED, can be used to couple the digital audio to an optical TOSLINK cable! Resistors and a small transformer can also be used, for non-optical RCA connector S/PDIF.

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