iPhone Battery Charger v2.2

by mozzwald.

2 layer board of 3.24x1.26 inches (82.40x31.90 mm).
Shared on July 10th, 2016 14:56.

iPhone Battery Charger v2.2

This board is design to charge an iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6+ battery. The battery connectors are on separated sub-boards and only one can be connected to the main charging board at a time. Use 2.54mm male pins on the battery boards and a female socket on the main charging board. The battery boards are missing one pin to make the board ‘keyed’ so it can only plug in to the main board in one direction; this pin must be removed from the battery board header and it is recommended to add a plug to the female header on the main board.

The ‘Host Controller’ header allows connecting the charge board to a microcontroller for testing batteries. The iPhone batteries use TI Fuel gauge IC’s and communicate using the HDQ protocol. I have an example Arduino sketch that can be used to display some basic battery stats from the fuel gauge IC (GAS pin). The PROG and STAT pins are connected to the MCP73831 pins. For more info on these pins see the MCP73831 datasheet.

RefDes Component Part #
C1 4.7uF 6.3V 0603 -
C2 4.7uF 6.3V 0603 -
F1 32VDC 2A Fuse 0603 -
R1 1K ohm 0603 -
R2 2K ohm 0603 -
R3 1K ohm 0603 -
U1 MCP73831 SOT23-5 MCP73831T-2DCI/OT
LEDCHGD Green 0603 -
LEDCHG Orange 0603 -
USB1 FCI MicroUsb 10118194-0001LF
Headers 2.54mm / 0.1" -
Header Plug (1) - 15-04-0292
iPhone Conns - eBay

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