VGA Blinken w/ Connector

by SyncChannelBlog.

2 layer board of 1.50x1.25 inches (38.13x31.78 mm).
Shared on December 31st, 2016 02:18.

Modified version of the “VGA Blinking Lights” PBC by Danjovic:

This version of the PCB has SMD passives to save space, but adds an onboard DB-15 connector for easy connection to a monitor. The PIC microcontroller is still DIP and socketed to allow for external programming.

See the original project page for the parts values, firmware, etc. The passives on this version are 0603. The DB-15 footprint is for a standard through-hole, right angle connector (Amphenol FCI ICD15S13E6GV00LF or similar).

It’s no longer 1" square, but it’s a lot easier to hook up that monitor with the onboard connector!

Eagle files shared on Github:

Original version of the PCB on OSH Park:

All credit goes to Danjovic, the original creator. This is an awesome project.

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