96Boards LS-to-IDC Adapter (HiKey)

by ChrisTyler.

2 layer board of 2.48x0.96 inches (62.99x24.43 mm).
Shared on April 11th, 2015 16:54.

Adapter for the 96Boards.com low speed (LS) header to 40-pin IDC socket, to permit connection to a ribbon cable (usually to a breadboard). This “Alpha 1” version is pretty tight to the connector, occludes one of the 96boards mounting points, and has wonky routing (blame the autorouter) but works for me (tested on a HiKey, should work on other boards). Note that the IDC header can be placed on the same side or the opposite side of the board from the LS header; placing it on the same side keeps pin 1 as pin 1, where placing it on the opposite side swaps the even and odd pins (1<->2, 3<->4). I’m working on a smaller board with a better connector placement.

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