by dunk8888.

2 layer board of 3.94x3.15 inches (100.00x80.01 mm).
Shared on March 8th, 2016 16:41.

GAME CONSOLE ARDUINO Avr Arduino Game Console,if you want the schematic to look over just ask at ,a 3.2v battery will be soldered to the pads in the middle where the circle is negative left and positive on the right pad. So solder the battery there,and the pinouts on the left are for the sd card breakout board,they are the ones off ebay called catalex,they are blue,left to right is gnd vcc miso mosi sck all firmware at Use a 2 gig and under sd card only ,there are loads of games on the site too,you need the bootloader burned to the 328p, and also the loader file and settings file need to be downloader and copyed to the sd card with the games hex files all the instructions are on site.thanks

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