Q8 44mm Tailcap Multi-cell setup with fuses

by Texas_Ace.

2 layer board of 1.74x1.74 inches (44.22x44.22 mm).
Shared on September 29th, 2016 12:51.

This is the tailcap for the Q8. It is also setup to fit SkyRay kings.

This is a universal tailcap PCB that allows for any cell setup you can think of from 1s4p, 2s2p, 4s1p.

It uses 1210 fuses or 0 ohm jumper resistors to select the cell configuration.

It also has a place for a clicky switch, although it would not work when using it in 2s or 4s mode due to needing the pivot point for the tailcap.

The hole spacing is:

20mm from spring pad to spring pad measured as a square

37.5mm Mounting holes diagonally across the center of the board

Center pivot hole is 4mm

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