Open Panzer Scout ESC (Rev 10)

by OpenPanzer.

2 layer board of 1.91x2.57 inches (48.59x65.28 mm).
Shared on March 5th, 2017 20:36.

The Scout ESC is an open-source, dual brushed-motor speed controller that accepts both standard RC inputs or logic-level serial commands. The onboard processor is an ATmega 328 and can be programmed with the Arduino IDE using a standard FTDI cable or adapter. It operates at ultrasonic frequencies (no motor whine), at voltages up to 16 volts, and is rated at 10 amps continuous per channel, but the addition of a fan can increase the current capacity. The Scout has its own onboard fan controller that can drive any standard 12 volt, 2-pin PC case fan (the 40mm size works well). An onboard thermistor also allows the processor to monitor the board temperature.

The Scout was designed with the Open Panzer Tank Control Board (TCB) in mind and requires no special setup in that application other than to plug and play. It is the perfect size for controlling even the heaviest 1/16th scale RC tanks. For more details on connecting the Scout and TCB together see the Serial Motor Controller page of the TCB Wiki.

The Scout can also be used in many other applications including robotics. You can think of it as an open-source variant of the Dimension Engineering Sabertooth 2x12 or the Pololu Qik 2s12v10.


  • For documentation, instructions, firmware, and a sample Arduino library, see the Scout repository at the Open Panzer GitHub site.
  • For Eagle board files, schematics, and bill of materials, see the Open Panzer Downloads page.

Revision 10 - Uses the now-discontinued VNH2SP30 motor driver ICs (still available on eBay and AliExpress)
1/ 4/2017 - Version 10 Created
1/22/2017 - adjust silkscreen
2/ 5/2017 - adjust silkscreen
3/ 5/2017 - Adjust cream on motor chips for easier hand stenciling, adjust pads on screw terminals for easier hand-soldering.

Scout ESC


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