KX LTZ1000 voltage reference Version B03

by SvanGool.

4 layer board of 3.16x1.58 inches (80.14x40.13 mm).
Shared on December 28th, 2016 13:07.

Precision voltage standard 7V

Very stable (<1 ppm/°C), ultra low-noise and excellent long-term stable reference standard, based on LTZ1000A.
The circuit and PCB are designed by xDevs.com.

- PCB spec : 4-layer, 6 mil / 6 mil, ENIG plating
- Ultra Precision Reference: Linear Technology LTZ1000ACH
- Compatible opamps: Linear LTC2057 SO-8, Analog Devices ADA4522-1 SO-8.
- Resistors R3,R4,R5 : Vishay S102 or Z202 or similar
- Resistors R6,R7 : Vishay VHP101 or similar package

All information, including full BOM, is available at: https://xdevs.com/article/kx-ref
Stencil can be purchased at OSH Stencils using file KXREFB03_PT.art

Voltage standard1

Voltage standard2

Version B03 (minor changes) is TESTED and WORKING, you can find a video here at EEVBlog.

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