by jkridner.

2 layer board of 2.17x1.38 inches (55.02x35.03 mm).
Shared on April 18th, 2016 20:16.

Tiny mint tin sized BeagleBone

This quick hack design is meant to fit in an Altoids Smalls mint tin, similar to how the original BeagleBone fits in a full-sized Altoids mint tin. This is a full-fledged 1GHz Linux computer with 512MB of RAM!

Current I/Os are:

  • 2x USB 2.0 (OTG, power in from USB0 and out to USB1)
  • 1x microSD
  • 4x USER LEDs
  • Power button
  • Reset button

Test points:

  1. 5V out (after device is powered)
  2. 5V in
  3. Ground
  4. EEPROM write protect (ground to write EEPROM)

This is a quick version 0.1 hack missing a lot of cleanup. Feel free to post bug/feature requests and provide pull requests.

Source on Github.

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