NurseryPager-Hardware, rev. A

by Petezah.

2 layer board of 2.30x2.00 inches (58.52x50.90 mm).
Shared on April 21st, 2017 16:29.


Prototype PCB layout for a pager unit designed to operate on an existing WiFi infrastructure. It has a number of features designed for possible future expansion, to meet whatever requirements may arise during testing.

  • OLED screen (0.96" OLED display with FPC connector, from
  • DRV2605L haptic motor driver (and SMT haptic motor)
  • ATECC508A crypto-authentication device
  • Four soft-touch buttons intented for user interface operation
  • Two soft-touch buttons intended for development and testing purposes
  • Reset button
  • JST connector for a rechargeable LiPo battery
  • Micro USB connector for battery charging

NB: The ZIF connector (J1) is reversed in rev. A and requires some kind of mitigation, or an OLED module whose pin 1 is on the left-hand side. My OLED module’s pin 30 is on the left; there may be others that are not like this.

Bill of Materials

Ref Qty Value
C7 C8 C4 C5 C10 C12 C13 7 1uF
C9 1 2.2uF
C6 1 4.7uF
C3 1 0.1uF
C1 C2 2 10pF
C11 1 10uF
D1 1 MBR120
D4 1 RED
IC2 1 DRV2605L
IC3 1 AP2112K-3.3
IC1 1 MCP73831
J1 1 OLED-0.96W**
M1 1 Z4FC1B1301781
P1 1 10103594-0001LF
P2 1 S2B-PH-SM4-TB
R1 R3 R4 R6 R9 R11 R10 R7 R12 R16 R20 R17 R18 R19 14 10K
R2 1 390K
R5 R8 2 470
R15 1 1K
R13 1 1220K
R14 1 220K
SW1 SW6 SW7 3 EVQ-PE104K
SW5 SW2 SW3 SW4 4 EVQ-P7A01P
X1 1 ESP-12S

** OLED-0.96W is 30 pin 0.5mm pitch ZIF connector (bottom contact) from

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