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by AK6DN.

2 layer board of 1.51x2.31 inches (38.25x58.57 mm).
Shared on May 4th, 2015 05:10.

Berg40 to DE9x adapter for DEC boards

This is an adapter board for DEC serial boards (DL11 series, KL8 series) that use the 40pin BERG (IDE) 2x20p cable connector for the serial port. It routes the serial signals from the flat cable connector to various pins on the DB9 (M or F) connector thru a set of 100mil jumper header blocks. Flexibility for using either a male or female DB9 connector is provided by using different jumper block positions.

J2 is a standard shrouded 40p male connector.
J1 is either a DB9 female or male connector, as desired.
P1-P4 are a set of header pins for jumpers.

Design files are accessible at this link

These are DipTrace schematic and layout data files; acrobat PDF of schematic and board are provided, as well as full layout gerber and drill files.

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