File submissions

Eagle CAD

We are currently processing uploaded Eagle BRD files with Eagle CAD version 7.4.

If you encounter any issues, you can also generate your own gerber files or contact us for assistance.

Gerber CAM files (in Zip format)

Our site knows the default naming scehemes from many PCB design packages, however if you have problems, this is a naming scheme that is known to work.

If the website doesn't understand the default naming scheme of your PCB design package, please email the zipped gerbers and the name of your design package to

"boardname" can be whatever you like. Only the extension is important.

Design Rules

You can download our Eagle DRU file if you're using Eagle CAD, which will verify that your design meets our design rules, otherwise here are our specificiations:

Processing Errors

If you've tried to upload your design to the site and have been given back an error message that you don't understand then email us your design along with the error message that you received and we'll do our best to sort it out for you.

Common Problems

Missing layers

There are a lot of EDA tools out there and not all of them are created equal. If you're uploading Gerber files generated by your package then you may need to rename each of the Gerber and drill files to match the naming convention above. If you have done this and are still having errors then please contact us.

Documentation Framing

Sometimes documentation framing is exported to the Gerber files by accident and will trick the system into quoting you for a much larger board than you are actually trying to build since it can't tell the difference between the board and the frame.

"Unknown Error"

If you receive an "Unknown Error" then something bad has happened on our server while trying to process the file. We really want to know about this, please send a copy of your design to us to take a look at what happened.