SNES multi region mod with SuperCIC, uIGR (V2) and region patching parts

by borti4938.

2 layer board of 1.71x1.28 inches (43.36x32.41 mm).
Shared on January 7th, 2015 19:10.

Solder Joints:
- Most of the solder joints are located at the cart connector as to be seen on the silkscreen.
- The mode output located at the PCBs bottom right side is goin' to the
- S-CPUN Pin 111
- S-PPU1 Pin 24 and S-PPU2 Pin 30
- One may use the additional pad for the add-on PCB for the 1Chip-SNES or to use separate wires to S-PPU1 and S-PPU2
- CIC8 and CIC10 has to be solder to the pads, not the the lifted pins
- Reset input can be solder directly to the reset buttons output instead of CIC8
- ‘Contr. Port’ means the connector for the flat wire. In the SNES-mini the mapping is as follows:
- 10 -> Player1 Pin3
- 8 -> Player1 Pin2
- 6 -> Player1 Pin4

Lifted Pins:
- S-CPUN Pin 111 OR S-PPU1 Pin 24 and S-PPU2 Pin 30
- CIC Pins 1, 2, 10 and 11 OR remove CIC completely

Values of passive components:
R1, R2: 220Ohm (increase resistor values if LED is too bright)
R3: 10kOhm
C1 - C5: 0.1uF

Active ICs (SOIC14 packages if not otherwise stated):
7404: six inverter gates, where three are unused
74HC(T)125: four buffer gate: use HC or HCT type!
133: 13-NAND gate, SOIC16 package

S-CIC: PIC16F630 flashed with ‘Firmware_SCIC.hex’
uIGR (V2): PIC16F684 flashed with ‘Firmware_uIGR_V2.hex’
Both firmwares can be found at
!!!Note that the ‘snes-igr.hex’ in the sd2snes github repository, i.e., the ‘classical igr’ won’t work on this PCB!!!

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