PiDac V3.0 PCM5122

by keithspg.

2 layer board of 2.56x2.23 inches (65.02x56.52 mm).
Shared on July 27th, 2015 16:06.

Pi Hat board - PCM5122/5102

Non-Commercial Use Only

This board is designed for a Raspberry Pi B+ or B2 (40 pin connector). It will accept a 5122 or a 5102. If a 5122 is used, it is controlled by I2C. If 5102, there are no controls. Both have been proven to work on this board. D1,C1,J1 are optional components if this is powered from an external source instead of the Pi. BOM is at DigiKey: BOM ID: 2787508 BOM Name: PI_DAC V3

To function on the Pi, the board acts like an IQaudIO DAC+ when populated with the PCM5122 or HiFiBerry DAC when populated with the PCM5102


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