STM32-QFP48-breakout rev1 aka 'the bat board'

by flabbergast.

2 layer board of 1.41x0.71 inches (35.71x17.93 mm).
Shared on May 25th, 2016 22:36.

A teensy-sized breakout board for QFP-48 STM32 MCUs (rev1). Originally designed for STM32L052CxTx, but should work with any pinout-compatible MCUs (most of LQFP-48 packaged STM32s should work, but check the datasheet!).

Intended for low-power applications (e.g. sensors).


  • hand-solderable (0603, SOT-563 regulator, LQFP-48 (0.5mm pitch) MCU)
  • power options (USB <-> solder jumper <-> VIN <-> regulator <-> solder jumper <-> VDD net) - so it is possible to bypass the voltage regulator entirely; or add a LIPO-charger external module.
  • analogue supply optionally routed through a ferrite bead, and a footprint for an extra stabilising capacitor
  • 1 LED, reset button, user button (routed to BOOT0 and PA1) {hence the user button can be used to enter the built-in bootloader}
  • a footprint for adding an external high-frequency crystal (required for STM32L1* for USB)

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