SNES-LED logo base

by borti4938.

2 layer board of 0.64x0.89 inches (16.21x22.71 mm).
Shared on August 26th, 2015 11:31.

Idea and ATTiny-Code by jensma @

Last change: I moved resistors for the LEDs to the PCB of the LEDs.

Parts needed:
- 4x 1kOhm (0805 package)
- 4x 2N2222 (SOT23 package)
- 1x 100nF/50V (0805 package)
- 1x ATTiny45-20SU (SOIC-8 package)

Code for the ATTiny45:
- low: 0xe2
- high: 0xdf

PCB has to be soldered to the Expansion port.
/RST is to reinitiate the logo animation. Either close the jumper (animation on every system reset) or connect the pad with the CIC-lock pin10 (animation only on user reset). NEVER do both!!!

Looking for the counterpart? Here it is:

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